Children, Welcome to HARVESTLAND!

Harvestland Check-In begins at 9:45 A.M. in the Harvestland Worship Room.

Safety for your children is a top priority.

For a child to participate in Harvestland activities, both regular attenders and visitors are asked the first time the child is checked in with our digital system, to give pertinent info on their child, such as food allergies, etc., as well as who has permission to pick up the child from Harvestland.

Your child will receive a stick-on name tag, and you will receive an info tag, with both having corresponding safety codes.

Please feel assured that if a need should arise, you will be notified by that code displaying on the corner of the worship service display screen.

To help you avoid registration lines, you may enter your information below & submit. After the first time, check-in will be very quick and simple.

3 yrs - 1st Grade

Beginning Sept. 01 …

After Check-in:

(1st thru 4th Sundays) will worship together for a time and then go to their classes for exciting, interactive lesson time geared for them.

(5th Sundays) These ages will be combined and remain in the Harvestland Worship room for a special, fun learning activity time.

2nd-3rd grades

& 4th-5th Grades

Beginning Sept. 01 …

After Check-in:

(1st thru 4th Sundays) will be directed to their classroom, and then as a group, go with their teachers to the sanctuary to worship with them during a portion of the service. This allows them to get comfortable in a bigger setting. When dismissed, they return with their teachers to their classroom.

(5th Sundays) they may remain for the whole service in Harvestland for activity time or worship for the whole service with their parents.

Your child not registered? If you would like, you can pre-register your child by clicking the link below.